DR. Barbara Rewerska, MD, PhD

Specialized in Internal Medicine, Specialized in Immunology

Dr. Rewerska is a graduate of the Jagiellonian University Medical College. After graduation Dr. Rewerska worked at the University Hospital Department of Internal Medicine, where she completed her specialization in Internal Medicine at the Allergology and Immunology Clinic. She then completed her fellowship in Clinical Immunology. In 2010 she obtained her PhD after successfully defending her thesis entitled, “The influence of impeding leukotriene biosynthesis on the heart’s electrical conduction system in stable coronary disease.” She has spent many years as an attending physician and teaching fellow at Jagiellonian University, as well as lecturing at the Medical School for Foreigners and at private medical institutions. She is the author of over 70 conference publications, both nationally and internationally, 40 publications in national and international Medical Journals, and the author of two chapters in Polish medical textbooks. Her research and professional interests focus on autoimmune diseases, with particular interest on vasculitis (Churg-Strauss Syndrome, Wegner’s) and on inflammatory markers in the pathogenesis of cardiological disease.